Competency confession

Most companies when they advertise try to cover up their incompetencies. This is seemingly not true for CVS Pharmacy – or perhaps they are trying, but they are merely monstrously incompetent at doing so.

They have an ad running (it ran on last night’s Saved; no, I don’t know why I’m still watching it) in which a pharmacist talks about someone who had picked up their prescription at the pharmacy, then called and said that the bottle said to take half a pill a day, and with his Parkinson’s, he couldn’t cut the pills. So the kindly pharmacist visited the man in his home to cut his pills for him. Nice, right?

Except which piece of information didn’t they have when they gave him the prescription? They should be reviewing his other prescriptions for potentially harmful interactions… which means that they should know he’s taking Parkinson’s drugs. They should have reviewed his dosage with him… which means they should have seen that there was pill cutting required. If there was going to be this sort of problem, it should have been detected before the patient left the counter, rather than counting on him going home and not deciding to take one pill every other day instead (to mention one possible reaction when someone finds they can’t take the medicine as prescribed.)

You know, it’s possible that I’m wrong about what should be expected in this situation. Doesn’t matter. The ad still leaves the impression of incompetence, which someone should have picked up on before it saw air.

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