Supreme Court Dwarves

Reuters is making a deal of the fact that more Americans were able to name two of Snow White’s Dwarves than two Supreme Court Justices. Now, part of that is likely that the dwarves haven’t changed every decade, allowing us to go off of early memories. But the real problem? The dwarves’ names are more memorable. I mean, “Breyer”? “Bader-Ginsburg”?
Time to rename them! Goodbye to all those stodgy names. Hello to Grouchy, Robey, Winky, Twisty, Twisty-Wannabe, Baldy, Scratchy, Chicky, and Your Honor.

(And for an article titled “Current events dwarfed by pop culture”, what’s the point of noting that more people know Homer Simpson’s son than the ancient Homer’s epic poems? “Oh no! Americans are better versed in their own culture than in that of the ancient Greeks!”)

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