Fox’s Vanished isn’t NBC’s Kidnapped, but it might as well be in most ways. An ongoing storyline tracing the investigation of a kidnapping, in this case of a Senator’s wife. Over-the-top mechanations. More than Kidnapped, there is visible silly ornateness to the set-up. Supreme Court nominations, suspicious ex-wives, mysterious disappearances in the past…

But what’s more worrisome is the set-up to the two key investigator characters, one a federal agent, one a reporter (Rebecca Gayheart, who is pretty but looks not quite human, as if some alien race were trying to draw an idealized human, much in the way “furry” artists turn a fox human). The federal agent has a recent tragic failure that accompanies him, which shouts “care about his struggle”… but the complexity of set-up makes it blatant that this series is a plot beast, that character is secondary, and thus this heavy set-up just makes it feel like the writers didn’t know what it is they created, and just kept throwing ingredients into the soup.

I shan’t be following this.

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  1. Actually I think that the show has some promise, there are a lot of subtle hints that there is a lot more to the depth of this thing than is being let on, I would give it a chance, few shows look great in their pilot state “Crimminal Minds” is one blatant example

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