The new series Justice is on the Fox network, which means that some of the ads say Fox Justice and some say Justice Fox. The first of these sounds like a tale of reenge in th animal kingdom, the second is an odd superhero title, and iether of them would’ve been better than this show.

Justice attempts to do for defense attourneys what the CSI shows do for forensic evidence – present every moment as slick and technical and filled with whatever fancy graphics they can muster. Thing is, we’ve seen both more real lawyers at work and fictional lawyers at work than we have forensic investigators, and thus we have a better BS detector for verisimilitude in such matters. And on this, Justice stumbles badly. We may not know much about the technical stuff that they’re doing, but the courtroom work? Are we supposed to not know that the lawyers are supposed to be asking the witnesses questions, and if they stand their giving a series of statements explaining the crime without drawing the information from the witness first, that doesn’t fly in court. And when the lead investigator says that they never looked at any other suspect, this is not something which should panic the defense; they should be dancing in the aisles that the cops admitted that they prejudged the case rather than doing a thorough job. If the viewer is smart enough to realize this, why aren’t the legal geniuses that the show is protraying.

It’s slick but sloppy. There’s a lot of mechanics here, not a lot of humanity, and not a lot of believability. Victor Garber is well suited to its lead role as the high-powered lawyer, but beyond that, this didn’t have much to recommendit to me. Procedurals are about procedure; if the procedure cannot be believed, what’s the point?

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