Our excessive TV setup

Well, we had a somewhat excessive TV setup. I mean, we had a VCR and a DVD recorder and a ReplayTV. Then the DVD recorder started flaking out as a DVD player, so I reattached our old DVD player to the system as well. But now I’ve detatched the DVD recorder. Why? Because I needed to have some place to plug in the TiVo!

Yes, our pals the McClouds are often on their year-long cross country store to promote the new book Making Comics, and rather than leaving the TiVo stuck in a storage space doing nothing for a year, we’re adopting it. Mainly it will be of use during premiere season.

I’m still finding my way around using it. I’m finding the interface a bit clunkier than ReplayTV, and the video quality at the lowest quality level (40 hours recording space) is noticably worse than the ReplayTV. But it does have some additional features that the ReplayTV doesn’t (although our ReplayTV does have the automatic commercial skip option that was removed from later versions for legal reasons. I leave it turned off, for ethical reasons, but it is there.)

Still, it seems rather pointless to bother doing a much more in-depth comparison of the two units. After all, the stand-alone ReplayTV is off the market.

(Biggest complaint about using the TiVo? It’s up so high on our component stack that I have to raise the remote above my head for it to register.)

–Nat, excessive television consumer

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  1. Although it has nothing to do with this entry I just wanted to note that tonight I happened to think to Google for a CW website and found one. Don’t know how long it’s been in existence.

    Also, the local (for me, of course) CW affiliate website now redirects from the old http://www.upn57.com to cwphilly.com, so your local cw affiliate website may now translate to something analogous (cwYOURCITY[NICKNAME?]HERE.com).

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