I didn’t want to like any of the telenovellas that MyNetworkTV is offering. Following an hour-long daily series for thirteen weeks would wreak havoc to my schedule.

Luckily, I’ve been spared that problem.

Desire is about a pair of brothers in the restaurant business, one the business-like one, one the creative one (no, wait, they’re not really that distinct) who must go on the run with their mother when one of them makes the mistake of sleeping with the stereotyped Italian American organized crime boss’s sexy daughter. They flee to California, where each of them has a meet-cute with the wealthy gal who just turned down a proposal offer from the guy who everyone says is perfect for her (which should really worry her, because it means her family and friends think her perfect match is a guy whose only redeeming feature is just the right amount of permanent 5 o’clock shadow). Both smitten, each takes the wonderfully gentlemanly route of betting with the other who will win her over.

This obviously needed to be produced fairly rapidly and with less than an infinite budget. Perhaps the place this feels most blatant is the music, which feels like they got a limited number of cues and are throwing them in as best as they can fathom without really paying attention to what’s going on. It sounds too dramatic in the whimsical moments, woo whimsical in the dramatic moments, and too loud in the quiet moments. There may be an audience for this – women who would otherwise be drawn into daily soap operas for their clunky acting and overblown plotlines but are working during the day? – but this audience surely shall not include me.

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  1. There are many shows I simply don’t bother to check out because I’m pretty sure that they just aren’t for me. If I later hear buzz that interests me, I may check’em out, but usually not. This entire new network pretty much falls into that category for me. And trying to get me to call it “my network TV” doesn’t do the trick in convincing me that that’s so.

    This Desire entry did spur me to at least look up the mynetworktv website. From there you can also find your mynetworktv local affiliate site.

    In closing and at the risk of sounding sexist I think the only reason I might ever choose to tune in to some of the shows on this (not)mynetworktv would be to ogle some pretty women. I get the impression there might be plenty o’that to go around (and hunky men for you gals out there) on this network. (Plot? Who cares about plot?) But while I enjoy that aspect, it’s not enough for me to become a regular viewer. At best I would simply do quick hit-and-runs just to see who’s on screen at any given moment.

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