Fashion House

The world of fashion is one that I do not know much about (nor care about – it’s no accident that you don’t see Project Runway rundowns here on this blog). After seeing the first episode of MyNetworkTV’s second telenovella Fashion House, I’m left feeling like I now know even less. All I know is that it can’t possibly look like this behind-the-scenes soap. “Here are all the dresses from the designs you approved” “No, these dresses are crap!” “Oh, wait, here’s a design drawing from an unknown girl, and just off of this little sketch I know that this dress will be so wonderful when made that it will save the day!” No, that’s not the word-for-word dialogue, but it shares the emotional depth.

Yes, they take a bunch of flat characters and put some obvious twist into their lives. But when you take something flat and give it a twist, about the best you end up with is a moebius strip – and in the end, that only has one side to it.

Oh, okay, that last paragraph was a desperate attempt at being clever. But at least it was an attempt. Can’t say as much for Fashion House. It stars Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild. It might have been more interesting if it starred Bo Diddley and Morgan Freeman, but not much.

I’m not saying that if it had been a really well made turgid drama, I would have followed it. But I’m not in any risk of having to make that decision.

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