Catching up

Thoughts on catching up on TV after having been away for a few days.

  • I’d been looking forward to starting to see new episodes of some returning shows, and the season permiere of How I Met Your Mother paid it all off. I remembered how much I like the storytelling… but for some reason, in recent days I hadn’t been thinking about Barney. Neil Patrick Harris deserves an Emmy for this. It’s pure work.
  • Catching the second Men in Trees did tell me that one little warning sign from the first episode was an accurate sign – the relationship that they’re obviously building to with the guy who shows no interest? It generates no interest. It’s cliched… which can be conquered if there’s a real spark there, but there’s not. (When Northern Exposure built around it, it was not yet cliched, plus there was a spark.) Still, that does not wipe out the good parts of this show. Highlight of episode 2 was ‘a bit of a variation on an I Am Spartacus-type scene.
  • There should be some show worth watching on Saturday some time before 11:30 PM. Really.
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  1. Regarding what to watch on Saturdays before 11:30pm: I am pleased to see that the pilots for Kidnapped, Smith, and Laredo will be repeated between 8 and 11. This has greatly reduced my TIVO/VCR scheduling conflicts for this week, even though I realize that I can’t count on the networks being so accommodating in the future.

    More seriously, since I rarely watching anything “live” any more (only, it seems, when there’s a block like Thursdays at 8pm with more than three things I’m interested in), I find that a Saturday without anything interesting scheduled is just more time to catch up on Tivoed/recorded programming or any of the mountain of DVDs I’ve yet to watch.

  2. We’re really not that far away from the day when “live” won’t be a common concept any more, when we’ll simply download/stream/whatever programs when we want them. The networks will fight it, because all they become is brand names, and they won’t be long needed as that. Production houses will effectively reach straight for the viewer, and we’ll see a rather long version of the long tail pop up.
    But until then, I’ll still look askance at the way Saturday night is handled.

  3. I have had this conversation with other TV-obsessed folks like myself, amazed that it wasn’t all that long ago (to me, at least) when Saturday prime time was considered a treasure trove of great entertainment. The 70s CBS line up of MTM, Newhart, Carol Burnett, etc. and the ABC line up of Love Boat and Fantasy Island up through the mid 80s are just two examples.

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