SNL cast to be

The new Saturday Night Live cast will be missing a few familiar faces this year; no Tina Fey, no Rachel Dratch, no Chris Parnell, Finesse Mitchell, or Horatio Sanz. (Yes, my friend Lauren will be happy that it will finally be sans Horatio.) No new outsiders on the list – probably bringing the second-stringers up to the main cast, and bringing up some new second-stringers.)

No announcement of who gets Weekend Update. I’ll place a guess that Amy Poehler will be paired with Andy Samberg (who was so obviously going to come up to the big leagues even if no one was leaving. He’s just the bastard love child of Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon that they can hope will fill the Mister Excitement need.)

Side note: I’m watching the ad for Man of the Year, the new Jon-Stewart-like-guy-runs-for-President movie, and notice that the ad actually has a scene on the Weekend Update set with Tina and Amy there. That’s a much better form of reality than all those movies that have Larry King playing himself doing a hard-hitting interview, when that’s not himself at all.

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  1. Let me follow up to note that apparently this dumping of cast is a financial move, driven by low rating. Dump the guys who had been around for a long time and thus cost a lot — it was either that or make fewer episodes per year. So there may not be new second-stringers coming in.

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