In 1975, when I was 10, the film Jaws hit the theaters, taking the world by storm. Even as a kid, I heard about how the movie was making people scared to go into the water. That didn’t worry me – I couldn’t swim anyway (still can’t). So when it came to the local cheapo theater, my brother Dave and I went. Dave, a generally brave soul 3 years older than me, watched major portions of it through his fingers. Me, I watched happily, chomping away on popcorn. Because I don’t go in the water, and more importantly, I don’t yet recognize my own mortality.

As the years passed, I would go to a few horror and slasher flicks. The form didn’t really call to me, but occasionally something would intrigue me. I saw the first Nightmare on Elm Street on opening night. I was never that thrilled in the gory deaths… but as time went on, I became more bothered by watching them. I didn’t like death. Didn’t like pointless death. And I was aware of my own mortality. And the less supernatural, the less chance of finding any pleasure in it, because there are genuine people who kill for thrill (though not as many as the news media wants you to feel there are.)

It’s hard to get me to watch as entertainment something that may really lurk for me.

The new show Jericho is about a town in an America that is under attack, apparently by nuclear terrorist explosions. Major Dad plays Mayor Dad, trying to hold the town together and deal with his returning black sheep son. There is a bunch of characters introduced who will obviously be players in the drama.

The show is reasonably well put together, the cast acceptable if never awe-inspiring, and thematically it’s well within my realm of interest. The idea of what happens to a society  when they’re cut off from the outside world but fear the unseen darkness is coming in, that sounds very interesting to me, even though it’s inherently dark.

But the threat of nuclear destruction from terrorists? It’s hard for me to look at that from a position of comfort. I’m not nearly as worried about everything as some people would tell me I’m supposed to be in this orange terror level, but still I suspect that it is still will be more uncomfortable than enjoyable to watch.

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