How many reviews of Shark will have "jumping" in the title, I wonder?

What’s good about the new series Shark:

  • James Woods playing a snarky defense attorney turned snarky prosecution attorney.

What’s weak about Shark:

  • That there is little in it but attorneys being snarky to other attorneys.
  • That the writers don’t seem to have heard of subtlety or implicitness. This was driven home in two scenes – one in which Woods’s legal team each introduced themselves by practically stating “I’m so-and-so, and my motivation is thus-and-such”. In the other, Woods’s sixteen-year-old daughter sits down and explains to her father step by step her motivation for doing something, in precisely the way that no person (much less a sixteen year old) would do, and ends up after a speech conveying information that could have been handled by two well-crafted sentences, a knowing look, and a trust of the audience. A scene that could have informed us of the character left us simply not believing in the character.

All in all, watchable, but also quite missable.

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