There’s a certain constant grey that hangs over the series E/R. Everything has a uniform depressing quality. There is no fun, no real joy. The series is about constant grey. It’s hard to find anyone to particularly root for, because you know even if they win, they end up losing.
When E/R producer John Wells took over the reins of The West Wing, that same sort of grey fell over that series, which was once full of people who had hope of doing good, despite obstacles.

Smith is his new series, about a family man with a double life as the leader of a squad of high-end thieves. Ray Liotta stars, and he’s one of those big-screen guys you aren’t surprised to see on the small screen, as he seemed to have more name recognition than actual work. Virginia Madsden does a nice turn as his wife, who has complexities of her own. But at this point, I’m not sure why I’m supposed to be watching. I’m not supportive of the theif, I’m not astonished by their brazeness, it’s not one of those “wow, that was a clever way of pulling a heist” pieces a la The Thomas Crown Affair, and I don’t feel that there’s some vast mystery to him that will be unraveled. It’s just “here’s someone who does something dark, here he is looking pensive, here he is doing his dark thing”. I don’t feel for him, I don’t feel for his victims, it’s all pretty numbing.

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