There’s a good series about a man on the run, falsely accused of murder and trying to figure out who really did it while fleeing from the law. It’s called The Fugitive, and it was cancelled more than three decades ago.

Runaway, on  the other hand, is about a man on who has dragged his family along on the lam. Actually, it’s more about his two teenage kids dealing with their hormones while on the run, with occassional breaks for flashbacks on how dad was framed. It’s a respectable cast… or at least cast that has been on respectable shows… but it comes across as yet another Big Mystery Storyline that will probably never reach a conclusion. Best not to start it.

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  1. I’m curious about this show, mostly because the police seem way too close on this guy’s tail to be settling down into a house. That’s about the extent of the interest, though.

  2. Er, the family settling into the house, not the police.

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