Friday Night Lights

I’m not a football watcher, really. The Super Bowl, that’s it. And I didn’t see the film Friday Night Lights. But the new TV show version, well, my plan not to watch everything this year seems to have fallen through. It’s all been watched or at least recorded. Well, except the new sitcom The Game, I think I missed its premiere. But I digress.

Anyway, it was one of th shows with the best reviewer buzz, and I can certainly see why. It drips production value and verisimilitude. Set in a Texas town that hangs entirely on the high school football team, it’s a shot of a culture that is different from what I’ve lived. Not a culture that I as a non-sports fan would choose (or fully respect, to be honet, with the pressure that it puts on the kids on the team and the sense of importance granted to something so fleeting), but one which obviously works in its own way.

The events of episode 1 are a bit manipulative, but that sets them up to roll in various directions from there. The key point in the episdoe is the big game, which is tricky enough to pull off in a movie and will be hard to rely on if they do it episode after episode.

But part of me worries that if I watch it too long, it will be a bit likely watching a horror movie. I’ll find myself screaming at the screen the high school football equivalent of “just get out of the house!”, which is “just drop the team and build a life!”

Ah well. I heard ratings were disasterous for the first episode, so I guess I won’t have to worry about it long. I’ll record it, and possibly get around to watching it.

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