Season of weakness

At this point, I’d need to check to see if we have any more premieres still waiting to launch for the season, but clearly we’ve run through the lot of it. And I’ve got to tell you, boys and girls and Hollywood, I am not impressed.

Having watched everything so far, we have one solid pleasant surprise in Ugly Betty (and even that feels like it will be a fleeting thing, not a show like My Name Is Earl or Boomtown where I see one and expect to stay with it forever.) There are a couple of watchable shows, The Class and the so-well-done-it’s-watchable-even-if-I’m-not-the-target Friday Night Lights. The watchable (but in a watching-the-gears-turn, the-train-ain’t-goin’-nowhere way) Studio 60. The this-has-the-hooks-in-it-to-become-watchable Brothers & Sisters and Six Degrees and Heroes… things that sit on the DVR because you know you might watch them, but it’s an effort to. The “please turn it around, Tina” 30 Rock. And then there is the stuff that fills schedules.

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  1. Don’t despair! They’ve already begun announcing the “mid”-season replacements to take the place of Smith and other early cancellees.

  2. For what it’s worth here’s my personal tally on the new shows. Anything not explicitly mentioned I just simply have not bothered to check out for whatever reason (either nothing about a show draws me in to even try it or it might be on at an inconvenient time).

    The keepers (with only one real standout so far, but another one possible), in descending order from best to simply convenient:

    Heroes — Well above anything else new so far, and I didn’t really expect to like this much going in as I assumed it’d just be an X-Men ripoff—which it may be, but if so, then at least it’s a well-made ripoff.
    The Nine — Not a definite yet, but I’ll probably stick with it based on what I’ve seen so far. Could be the other standout if it holds up, but hard to tell for sure after only two (I think) episodes.
    The Class — Not a standout ground-breaking comedy, but my sitcom tastes tend more to the traditional style anyway. Watchable.
    Jericho — I’m curious enough to see where they might be going with this. Or it could drop from my radar if it takes any sudden “Yeah, right!” downward turns.
    Men In trees — Simply convenient, but if there was anything else at all on in the time slot, I wouldn’t bother. And since there’s really nothing on thursday OR friday that interests me, it’s nice to have something to watch.

    The personal pink slips, in no particular order:

    Six Degrees — I thought I might like this, but it just seems mundane to me. It’s like the Lost flashbacks with the character intersections, but no definite major story connections being established (yet). It just seems dull to me. And slow. If they’re gonna establish major connections, I just wish they’d get to it. Watched every episode thus far, but I’m pretty sure I’m giving up on it this week.
    Help Me Help You — I wanted to like this one because of some of the people involved, but it just doesn’t seem funny to me. This is another show which I’ve watched every episode thus far, but that will definitely change starting tonight.
    Standoff — To be honest, with Fox carrying the MLB playoffs now, I’m not sure if I’m even remembering the right title for this one. It’s the one with Gina Torres in it as boss of a bunch of hostage/crisis negotiators. I tried to watch the pilot, but only hung in for about 20 minutes before I saw enough.

    I could be forgetting something, but I think that’s about it for shows I’ve checked out thus far. Shows like Ugly Betty, Bothers & Sisters, Shark, Studio 60, 30 Rock, or 20 Good Years (not a John Lithgow fan), to name a few, just don’t interest me enough to bother trying. However, if one of those should start to become an obvious breakout hit AND other people who know me and my tastes start to tell me they think I’d like it, then I would make an effort to check it out. That doesn’t usually happen, though. (House was one such show that I latched onto late during season 1 reruns.)

  3. Hey! I just realized that there are at least two other shows still to air: the sitcom about the guys who want to kidnap Mick Jagger and the show that was about a wedding day told over a season. Any idea when they’re on?

  4. I haven’t watched tonight’s Veronica Mars yet, but I just stumbled across this article (‘Veronica’ Changes Image for New Season by Bridget Byrne for The Associated Press) and was a little surprised to read:

    Bell admits to a moment of trepidation that her series wouldn’t make the new network’s cut, especially when she heard that the CW had picked up “7th Heaven” and thought that family drama might fill “Veronica’s” potential time slot.

    But, Bell said, “I’ve always had confidence in the show, and it wasn’t cockiness, it was just belief.” That faith could be tested, though. Only 13 episodes have been ordered so far, not the customary season-long 22.

    The article also mentions Laura San Giacomo will be appearing in a few upcoming episodes, but obviously I don’t know if she was in tonight’s.

  5. Article in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the struggles and probable or pending fates of some of the new shows…

    Mindless over matter
    The most ambitious new TV shows of the season have slumped in the ratings, while viewers tune in the simpler stuff.
    By Jonathan Storm, Inquirer Columnist

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