Apparently, the Tim Minear series Drive has been picked up by Fox. Now, I’ve seen the first few minutes of the pilot, and this is kind of an odd series. It’s about an undercover cross country road race, which means that much of it (or at least of the chunk I saw) is taking place in cars, with discussions among people in the car. This leaves it effects-heavy; with that much work in cars, you can’t just use the usual car-filming tricks (and there are some smooth but played up transitions between cars.

I’m not one of those built-in Minear fans. Angel didn’t get really good until he left and Joss became more clearly involved. Wonderfalls was something I was supposed to like, but didn’t. I won’t claim to do a full judgment on this based on a few minutes of a pilot that is likely to be released before it airs, but I will say it kept my attention for those few minutes, despite being dubious that the premise has the depth for a good series. There were’ some people I like in it (Alan Ruck, and the stalking next door neighbor gal from Two and a Half Men.) I look forward to seeing a full episode, at least.

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