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Things have been slipping off of my viewing list. Gone are Brothers & Sisters, Six Degrees (the one interesting storyline has fizzled off on a silly level, with some ridiculously-designed problems being thrown in the way of the photographer who strives to rebuild his life), and my goodness, Desperate Housewives. I missed taping one, and realized that I may have missed it, but I didn’t miss it.

I’ve actually been catching up on Heroes.

I have to keep remembering to videotape House. Yes, I have two DVRs. What are they taping at that time? Oddly, they’re both taping Veronica Mars. Why? Well, my TiVo is borrowed from some VM fans who are currently touring the country, so I’d like to return it to them with the full third season. But frankly, the vieo quality of the TiVo in high-compression mode is two grating on Mrs. Nat’s TV, so we tape it on the ReplayTV so that we can watch it.

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  1. This article about David Morse and his guest starring stint in the current arc on House appeared in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer

    Guest star David Morse shakes up the world of ‘House’
    By Bridget Byrne, Associated Press

    Just thought some folks might be interested.

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