Forward to the Past!

Just saw a L’Oreal spot advertising “The most advanced Revitalift in ten years.” So… why did they stop reusing the more advanced one they had a decade back.

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  1. Yeah, that does seem strange. I often wonder things like that…

    For instance, I used to wonder why Jeep’s slogan was “There’s only one.” Seems to me that if there’s only one, you’d better be puttin’ a hefty price tag on it. And it never really seemed worth a national advertising campaign if there’s only one. So I was confused.

    Then one day the explanation suddenly came to me… The Army uses Jeep. And the Army’s slogan is—or at least was for a while, I think they may have changed it—”An Army of one.” So the two slogans when considered in tandem make some sort of sense.

    Although if the army of one has the one and only Jeep, I still don’t know why they’re bothering to advertise Jeep…

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