3 Lbs of grey matter in a 2 lb bag

When Hugh Laurie showed up on US TV as a medically-brilliant, personally-nasty doctor with problems on the series House, it was a performance both brilliant and shocking, being diametrically opposed to the light comdy bubbleheads that Laurie had been appropriately known for.
When Stanley Tucci shows up on US TV as a medically-brilliant, personally-nasty doctor with problems on the series 3 Lbs, he’s playing the basic Stanley Tucci performance. He’s a good actor, but there’s no surprise there. And the show feels like House without the degree of interesting medical mystery or sense of whimsy. Nothing special shines through the first episode. If you want more medical drama, here it is.

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  1. 3 lbs has a depth beyond what the normal viewer wants to see. The neuro surgeon is fighting a war against brain cancers, and defects. The sub plot showed an emotional attachment to a young girl without a known story. Who knows; perhaps someone he lost in the past. There are 120 different brain tumors out there, and he’s “the man”. Notice how he gets personal right before surgery? If the plot develops, this could be good!

  2. Sorry, but I don’t see the depth of his visions as being anything more than the depth of the Gregory House addiction situation.
    I’m still trying to decide whether this was meant to be House from the very beginning, or if it’s a case of trying to graft House-like features onto an otherwise-proposed base. Because the first episode certainly didn’t capture the central plot mechanism of House – the “medical mystery” aspect of it. And that’s something that would actually be hard to integrate into 3 Lbs, since the answer to “what’s causing it” will always be “it’s something in his brain.” But it’s not like it had particularly more quality drama content to make up for it.

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