"Oh I did not think the girl could be so cruel…"

I got a mailing from my alma mater today.

When I started there, the name of the place was Simon’s Rock Early College. (The “early” signified their specialty – taking students who were younger than normal college entrants.)

Then they got taken over by Bard College, and went through adding a Unit of Bard College to their decriptor before settling on Simon’s Rock of Bard College.

And now apparently they’re changing it again. They’re worried about their rep, and that people aren’t getting what their about. So here it goes:

Bard College at Simon’s Rock: The Early College

Ummm, they think this is a good idea? A seven word college name? Is anyone going to bother reading to the end? Is making it sound like some sort of summer program run at another college going to garner respect? How many times does the word “College” have to be in the college name before people will recognize it’s a college?

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