Big Night

I saw the premier of Big Night, ABC’s new wedding sitcom, in somewhat distracted circumstances. The set-up is interesting enough that I’ll watch more – it’s set in real time, with the many episodes adding up to a single, rather troubled wedding day. I want to like it – it has Wendy Malick in it and yes, we do like her – but I can’t say that what I saw had me laughing yet.
But I also think that it may be one of those things that takes time to build up steam. Will constant exposure to the complications of its set-up (multiple ex-boyfriends, controlling mom, threatening weather, overly laid-back groom, etc.) form a rhythm that will build humorously, or will it merely drive what thin jokes it has into the ground? I really can’t predict. So I score this – the most useless review of the year!

Published in: on November 30, 2006 at 9:40 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. I’ve been wondering why this entry didn’t seem quite right and I just realized… Isn’t the show called “Big Day?” (I didn’t watch it or pay much attention to promos so it’s not exactly on the tip o’ my brain.)

  2. Yes, but it’s on at night.

    Yes, of course, Big Day. Big Night was that Stanley Tucci film that made the audience hungrier than any film I’ve ever seen.

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