The Secret Origin of Frasier

Courtesy of Evanier, we find one of the creators of Frasier explaining how that series came about. Interesting stuff. First installment, second, and there’s more to come. (Added later: and here’s the more – the third and final installment.)
Frasier was for most of its run quite fine (certainly better than the last few seasons of the once-fine sitcom it arose from.) It’s interesting to note that Grammer, who the article says hadn’t wanted to continue the Frasier character after Cheers, would end up campaigning to get the character a third series.

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  1. I’m in the midst of enjoying the first installment of Peter Casey’s Frasier recollections, but I had to get to it by way of your first link to Evanier’s blog and then hop over to Ken Levine’s blog.

    Just thought I’d pop back here momentarily and give a friendly gentle mention that you might want to amend the first and second installment links in this entry, aka “How FRASIER came to be” and “More FRASIER.”

    I only mention this because I’ve messed up links many times myself (I especially hope I didn’t do it this time!) and I’d want to know. Of course, your way folks get to pop in and visit Mark Evanier first, so that’s not really a bad thing. 🙂

  2. More Frasier stuff over on Ken Levine’s blog, this time from the man himself…

    My favorite FRASIER script
    More on FRASIER you didn’t know

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