Between there and a hard place

After 50 minutes of this morning’s This Week With George Stephanopolous, largely talking about Iraq, an ad comes on, and I hear “Iraq can fill you with wonder. Iraq can inspire your imagination. Iraq can touch your heart. Iraq can soothe your senses or help you enjoy a little free time.”
It’s an ad for Prudential Insurance, and what they’re really talking about is “a rock”. I’m sure the ad copy looked good on the page, but someone should have listened to it at least once before airing it.
(And my best wishes for a safe return to all of those enjoying a little free time in Iraq.)

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  1. And apparently “a rock” can win you the last Bud Light according to one of the Super Bowl commercials last night. I didn’t watch much of the game at all and only caught the tail end of that particular ad, but I just checked it out on the web since it seems so many folks enjoyed that one. I’m sure it will also be prevalent during other televised sporting events for a while.

    My opinion? It was OK, but for some reason I still like the FedEx Ground commercial (with Harry, Eileen, Joy, Bob, and Mr. Turkeyneck) better. Not sure, though, that either of them will retain their chuckle value after many repeat viewings…

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