Unreasonable surgery

A disturbing search warrant has popped up in Texas. Prosecutors have gotten the right to obtain a bullet… from inside a 17 year old’s forehead.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, they think this slug will prove that that guy tried to murder someone, and quite possibly he did. But one of the principals of our law is that the government cannot do anything and everything to make a case, and that we can’t do anything we want to someone just because we suspect he’s guilty. At base, the government here is forcing someone to undergo surgery because they want information. If you think that sounds okay… would you still think that if the person they had to perform surgery on wasn’t a suspect?

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  1. I wonder if the late night TV comics will have some fun with this story by re-headlining it, for instance perhaps something along these lines…

    “Texas authorities issue search warrant to look inside Bush’s head.”

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