Putting the dough in doughmain

…or arguably the “do’h!”

I just got an email from Namesecure prompting me to renew one of my domain names. Here is a screenshot of the deal they offered:
Network Solutions offer
Now for those of you unfamiliar with the cost of domain names… these prices are high. Not just a bit high, not just exorbitantly high, but humorously high. Either someone is trying to pull a scam on people who won’t notice what they’re being charged, or (more likely) someone left the decimal point out of the prices.
I just wonder how many hundreds of thousands of these offers will go out before someone at Network Solutions notices their error.

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  1. $999 for 100 years? Who’s going to pay for that much of a period of time?

  2. Well, if you’re Amazon.com, I can certainly see laying out the $999 real price from for all 100 years (rather than the $999X100 price the ad suggests), and thus not have to worry about it. Remember, there have been major sites that looked rather redfaced when they forget to renew their domain (Hotmail being the most blatant example that comes to mind.)

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