stack error in the chips

The Super Bowl falls on a Sunday this year, so we’ve decided to have our annual gathering (if you think you should be invited, email me!) and I’ve been gathering excessive snack foods. I purchased a can of Pringles the other day, one of the new ones where they print stuff on the chips (excuse me, “crisps”), because they were all out of the normal ones. In this case, the stuff on the chips is movie trivia questions, and one that they picture on the can has the question “What was the subtitle to 1977’s Star Wars”, with the answer being “A New Hope”.
BAAAAP! Wrong. 1977’s Star Wars had no subtitle. Later year’s Star Wars may have had that subtitle, as it was a term added to refer to the film in rerelease (as well as being added to the opening crawl), but the 1977 release never used that, not in the promotion nor in the film itself. If you want me to trust your trivia questions, don’t show me a false one on the package.
(But hey, does anyone remember what the subtitle for the movie Rambo was?)

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  1. Rambo: First Blood, part 2. I had a longer response discussing why the much superior first film gets ignored, but I forgot to put in the anti-spam number and it got lost. sorry.

  2. A virtual Pringle for Jim!

    Yeah, First Blood was actually a serious little film; I don’t think I ever saw the latter ones, but I always got Big Dumb Action Movie vibes off of them.

    I have seen them put the “Rambo” name into the title of video releases of First Blood, if memory serves… although that doesn’t make me flinch as much as seeing Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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