Mars in Retrograde

The last couple episodes have really hammered it home… the quality of Veronica Mars has slipped badly in its third season. Stories are pointless, people are acting out of character, doing stupid things to advance the plot, and it becomes really hard to invest one’s self in.
Last night’s episode was rife with examples of this. Let me focus on one (****SPOILER ALERT on details of last night’s Veronica Mars***)
The blackmailing of the judge was:

  • Stupid: if you’re going to go after someone for blackmail, your first choice should not be a judge, who is apt to know the ins and outs of such things; that’s apt to land you in a lot more trouble
  • Amateur: from the low amount Veronica blackmailed him for, to the use of her own cell phone as the source of the call, to the lack of even a claim that they had physical evidence of what they charged, and down to the very thing they were blackmailing him over, which was a matter of embarrassment at best rather than something that would endanger his career or freedom, this all made them look like blackmail pikers obviously shrugged off
  • Thoughtless: the repercussions that were faced were only one of several bad but obvious outcomes for the action
  • Illogical: the information that was used to blackmail with came from someone whose veracity was very much in dout at the time
  • Pointless: the money was not needed. Veronica’s client, as we could assume going in and as we had verified later, did not lack for money on that scale.

It was an all-around silly and out of character move. And as for keeping the story involving… dear lord, don’t get me started on the heart-rending nature of “oh no, the girl that my bad boy boyfriend had meaningless sex with when he was not my boyfriend is not the girl that I would have had my bad boy boyfriend to have slept with while he was not my boyfriend, if I had a say in who people who were not my boyfriend should sleep with. Oh my, is my boyfriend a bad boy? How did I not realize that his history of sleeping with girls who I would not choose my bad boy boyfriend to have slept with while he was not my boyfriend might suggest that this bad boy was capable of sleeping with girls whom I would not choose during periods when he is not my boyfriend?!” Sorry, but compared to season 1’s “I’ve been raped, cast out of society, and my mother has abandoned me so I’m keeping this hard shell to protect my fragile insides”, the emotional depth here is pure passing-notes-in-the-back-of-class stuff.

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  1. I suppose there’s always the chance this will turn out to be a “dream season.” Yes, the show has slipped some, although I can’t comment on last night’s episode as I haven’t watched it yet (spoilers don’t bother me).

    I just want to add that I preferred the old version of the Dandy Warhols’ theme song rather than the one adopted for this year.

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