The seat of lukewarmity

I’m watching the Bill Gates appearance on The Daily Show from earlier this week, and I’m thinking that it’s a particularly fluffy interview… not that The Daily Show doesn’t do that, but they tend to have at least an interesting book to talk about or humorous back-stage discussion of the new movie or whatever, and Bill Gates is a person of real power so the serious questions are reasonable (and besides, talking about how an operating system came to be is pretty boring for the general public.)
And suddenly it hits me… they’re not going to do the Seat of Heat, because I’ve not seen that recently. I can’t tell you for sure when it went away (I’m predicted it would be gone by Halloween, but I think I missed on that one), but I’m glad it’s gone… except in this case.
I’m a bit concerned about the Daily Show… in addition to its running on-screen talent drain problem (it’s just too good a showcase!), the loss of Ben Karlin, who is responsible for making the show much of what it is, is worrisome. But hey, even if we’re nearing the end times for the show, we’ve had at least half a dozen strong years, and at its peak it delivered amazing TV.

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  1. I’m a fairly recent viewer of the Daily Show, tivoing it to watch the next day. After only a few months though, I find myself fast forwarding through the interview portion, it just seems like such a disconnect from the rest of the show, with Stewart apparently having to be a polite host rather than somebody willing to skewer a deserving target. Some exceptions of course, but that’s how it seems to me. It may just be a case of me being a bit late to the party.

  2. The best of the interviews come from opposite ends of the spectrum, with the more notable ones being where Stewart clearly has no real need not to skewer the person he’s facing. Most commonly, it will be a right-wing politicians taking harsh stances in books… and I don’t quickly come up with any examples from the past month, so it may have been a while since a real juicy one. But yeah, with a bit more of a civilized veneer you get the same Stewart who ripped into Crossfire with “you’re hurting America”.

    The other end of things is stuff like the Ludacris interview, where Ludacris was getting into plugging is every product, and Stewart just played with this silly, silly situation. Nothing serious there. Stewart generally treats interviews with the appropriate amount of fluff… not leaving out the humor element in any case, but able to keep it politically stinging when need be. But when they signed on to the Windows tour, the chance to talk to Gates as either monopoly baron or great philanthropist was obviously missed.

    But yes, I haven’t been keeping score, and perhaps it is too late to the party.

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