I'm -this- close to giving up

They health experts spend so much time telling us what’s good for us and what’s bad for us… and those beliefs are often changing. Eventually, we start hearing the drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is good for our heart, or that eating liver is actually bad for you. That smoking pot can protect against Alzheimer’s. The other day, I caught a report on how caffeine helps stave off heart disease in seniors. And now I read that vitamin supplements shorten lifespan.
And suddenly, all my efforts to eat healthy just seem like so much stressing nonsense.

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Things that aren't there any more

  • Jack Nicholson’s hair. (Honestly, I thought it was Mickey Rooney at first.)
  • dnL, that soda whose logo was supposed to be the 7 UP logo turned upside-down (but actually never quite was.) It was a good novelty/limited edition idea, but apparently not enough of a soda to actually build a following.
  • That creepy Orville Redenbacher ad. At least, I’ve not seen it since I first blogged about it.
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post-Oscar thoughts

  • Off the top of my head (without checking the list), I think I only saw two of the movies which actually won anything — Little Miss Sunshine, and Happy Feet. And both (despite having positive aspects) were disappointments. Then again, the trailers for Happy Feet were so impressive that it would’ve been hard not to disappoint.
  • I assume that they planned to use the James Bond theme during the dancers-make-a-gun bit, then found out that there are rights even the Oscars can’t get. I liked the dancer bits, by the way.
  • Gotta hurt to be whoever does the music for the Spider-Man movies, for the Spider-Man TV theme to be used to usher on the stars of your films.
  • Global warming scored well (best docu, best animated, best song). Was expecting the big Gore gag to be him announcing that his next film is a buddy-cop movie.
  • James Doohan is, yes, a man many of us enjoyed and remembered… but for his TV work. He seems to minor in the film world to be included on the death tribute.
  • It ran over. Mucho over. What a shock. (Would’ve been much shorter if Ellen had realized that Clint Eastwood is not a man to nod and smile and just go along with your routine.)
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Yeah, I’ll probably watch the Oscars, but I won’t care much. Hasn’t been a good year for me seeing movies. Heck, I’ve only seen one of the best picture nominees — Little Miss Sunshine — and that one I was underwhelmed by (well acted, but its humor is largely snotty attacks on cheap’n’easy targets.)

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Blog leveraging

From time to time, I’ve seen responses to this blog that look suspiciously liked canned messages from someone looking to use the blogosphere to promote their show. Now, it seems they’re being more honest about reaching out for blog support. Presumably in response to
my review of The Black Donnellys, I received this email:

Hello Nat,

I came across your blog while reading up on NBC’s new show “The Black Donnellys” and noticed you are a fan. With less than a week to its’ premiere, NBC has created an ad-free extended preview where you can view the show’s trailer, star bios, and tons of cast photos. If you would like to view the pilot online let me know and I can provide you with the link.

I’ve created a link that you can use directly on your blog to connect your readers with the show. It’s already customized in html so all you would have to do is cut and paste where you want the link to appear.

Cut and paste the code below:

The Black Donnellys Preview

The show has generated a lot of excitement: early reviewers have found the relationship between the four brothers in this Irish family very moving, promising to offer a compelling plot full of twists and surprises. The show is very reminiscent to a younger version of HBO’s hit show “Sopranos” with a camaraderie similar to the guys from HBO’s “Entourage.”

The show was written and produced by Bobby Moresco and Paul Haggis, the award-winning team behind “Crash” and “Million Dolllar Baby”. The story was inspired by Bobby Moresco’s experiences growing up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. The cast includes: Jonathan Tucker (“Virgin Suicides”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), Billy Lush (“Huff”), Olivia Wilde (“The O.C.”, “Alpha Dogs”), and Kirk Acevedo (“Law & Order”, “Oz”.)

The show premieres next Monday, February 26 on NBC at 10 pm EST.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call or shoot an email.


Vicky Ayala


On Behalf of NBC

Nice of them to at least put my name in it, although it’s clear that if they’ve sunk to contacting li’l ol’ me, it’s not a sign of my statute… it’s a sign of how easy it is to contact everyone who even mentions their show (and then to treat them all as fans even when the review was as tepid as mine was!)

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Foreshadowing: the mark that something sucky this way comes

In each of the last two episodes of Veronica Mars, Veronica has made some comment to her dad about him getting shot and killed.
As a way to end a season, it would sure be a grabber. And it would make the next season cheaper to produce. But it would suck…. not just as in “not a nice thing”, but as in “would mess with the functional structure of a well-structured show.”

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That which does not kill me…

Mitch Romney on This Wekk with George Stefanopoulos, discussing how it felt when his wife was diagnosed with MS:
“As long as its not fatal, we can live with anything.”
Well, yes. I you can’t live with it, then it’s fatal. Really.

(I’m disagreeing with every political point this guy is making. And when he explains his voting for a democrat in a primary as an attempt to make sure the dems were running a weak choice, that he’s just jury-rigging the system and not trying to vote for the best man…. grrrr. Folks who don’t like actual democracy shouldn’t be asking other people for their votes.)

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Viewing the present through the past

If you were to travel back in time forty years and tell people “Astronauts will be the mailmen of the twenty-first century”, those primitive folks would take it to mean something very different than the sophisticated people of today would.

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Randomy bits of stoopid stuff

  • Studio 60 just made a reference to “the guys who recorded ‘Pac-Man Fever'”… and I immediately burst out with “Buckner and Garcia!”. Ah, the stuff that clutters the brain. (I actually once almost bought one of the gold records issued for that record… it was at a flea market for $30 or somesuch. And I’ve been kicking myself for it ever since. It’d be cool to have a gold record, and that one would be specifically nerd cool.)
  • The L.A. Times mentioned an upcoming Fox game show entitled Who’s Smarter than a Fifth Grader? (or something like that.) It’s a quiz show, with all the questions being taken from textbooks for fifth graders or below. Might actually be fun.
  • I’ve just gone through A Bit of Fry and Laurie: Season One. Good stuff. British sketch comedy. Recommended if you like Monty Python, although it’s a bit more grounded, less flighty (and that’s both good and bad.) Also recommended if you like Fry and/or Laurie.
  • I likes TV!
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Just saw an ad for the new Fox series Drive. As I reported earlier, I’ve seen a piece of the pilot, and its interesting to note who was and wasn’t in the ad. The guy who played Mal on Firefly looks to be in it now, and there was no sign of Alan Ruck.

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