Pam is going to kick some serious butt!

Joss Whedon is directing an episode of The Office. (Link via Whedonsque.)

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  1. I can’t seem to get that first main link to work, and looking at it it’s obvious that it won’t. However, I can’t even figure how to slice and dice it so that it might work.

    I tried the link, but see nothing obvious there. I even searched the page for the word “office,” but got nothin’. Don’t see any obvious forum topic for The Office on either. I didn’t dig any deeper there, just looked for any obvious topic label under the “TV Shows” topic grouping.

    Eh, I’m not an Office fan anyway. Tried it back in the beginning, but the style of both the show and the humor just didn’t grab me so I never bothered checking in on it after that. Still, I’d be ever so slightly curious about the Whedon episode if I knew when it was going to air…

  2. OK, I think I found the info, though I’m not sure if this is the actual link you had in mind or not. I kind of figured from the shards of your link that it was at least a myspace blog entry that you were trying to point toward. So a little Googling and “Voilà!”. Now let’s see if I can get it right…

    This is a January 26th myspace blog entry from Pam/Jenna, whom I’m gathering is apparently actress Pam Beesley and I’m assuming she plays “Jenna” on The Office (but I could be wrong). She mentions: “This week we are shooting with hot shot director Joss Whedon!”

    I also found these prior relevant pages re rumors linking Mr. Whedon to The Office in a directing capacity: one at and one at a blog known as Televisionary. Both are dated January 8th.

  3. Yeah, yeah, I’ve fixed the link in the original — it arose from an odd setup thing of my blog software which I thought I fixed, but it musta been for one of my other blogs.

    I didn’t like the American The Office at first either, but after hearing it had improved I revisited it and concurred.

  4. Well, that gives me reason for hope. Maybe I will check in on it again once of these days, regardless of whether Mr. Whedon’s directing or not… I know others who are fans, including one person who is a big Britcom fan and normally doesn’t like Americanized versions of British shows, but he says he thinks he likes the American version better.

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