post-Oscar thoughts

  • Off the top of my head (without checking the list), I think I only saw two of the movies which actually won anything — Little Miss Sunshine, and Happy Feet. And both (despite having positive aspects) were disappointments. Then again, the trailers for Happy Feet were so impressive that it would’ve been hard not to disappoint.
  • I assume that they planned to use the James Bond theme during the dancers-make-a-gun bit, then found out that there are rights even the Oscars can’t get. I liked the dancer bits, by the way.
  • Gotta hurt to be whoever does the music for the Spider-Man movies, for the Spider-Man TV theme to be used to usher on the stars of your films.
  • Global warming scored well (best docu, best animated, best song). Was expecting the big Gore gag to be him announcing that his next film is a buddy-cop movie.
  • James Doohan is, yes, a man many of us enjoyed and remembered… but for his TV work. He seems to minor in the film world to be included on the death tribute.
  • It ran over. Mucho over. What a shock. (Would’ve been much shorter if Ellen had realized that Clint Eastwood is not a man to nod and smile and just go along with your routine.)
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  1. The cliche used to be that you had to play a prostitute or a handicapped person to win an Oscar, but 5 of the last 6 best actor/actress winners have played a real person: Idi Amin, the Queen, June Carter Cash, Truman Capote and Ray Charles. Go back to 2000 and add in Erin Brockovich and Virginia Woolf . I wonder how many other actors won for playing real people.

    A few more come to mind: Charles Laughton was Henry VIII, Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking, Geoffrey Rush as the Shine pianist, and Hillary Swank as Brandon Teena.

    PS: As much as I am a total Trekkie, the inclusion of James Doohan seemed a bit off. I wonder who else besides Yvonne DeCarlo didn’t make the cut.

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