I'm -this- close to giving up

They health experts spend so much time telling us what’s good for us and what’s bad for us… and those beliefs are often changing. Eventually, we start hearing the drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is good for our heart, or that eating liver is actually bad for you. That smoking pot can protect against Alzheimer’s. The other day, I caught a report on how caffeine helps stave off heart disease in seniors. And now I read that vitamin supplements shorten lifespan.
And suddenly, all my efforts to eat healthy just seem like so much stressing nonsense.

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  1. I’m pretty sure cheese is considered bad for you, unfortunately.

  2. I agree it’s long past the point where it’s gotten ridiculous. I particularly love when marketers latch onto stuff and change the packaging of products to read something like… “Clinical trials suggest that our product, when ingested by the bucketful, may reduce your risk of dying on a friday which would likely cause you to not enjoy the weekend as much.” But always remember that “The FDA has not evaluated these statements so there’s a very good chance we’re simply lying or at the very least bending some very debatable ‘facts’ to suit our goal of vast monetary gain.”

    Then there are reports about how good nuts are for people. Which is fine except that that’s by far my worst food allergy so I’m pretty sure they’re not good for me.

    Let me know when they perfect the truly personalized complete nutrition pill whose formula is derived from daily blood samples so that it is tailored to each individual’s DNA and changing nutrition needs, then synthesized on the spot from readily available raw materials. I expect this advancement will coincide with that future period when everyone will finally switch to wearing silver spandex outfits with goggles (and optional jet packs).

    In the meantime, somebody please pass the cheesecake…

  3. Yes, cheese is considered bad for you by many people. But, as the National Dairy Council points out, it has a variety of health benefits. Now, most of the concern is about fats, which drive cholesterol, and for a long time many doctors believed that you couldn’t get your cholesterol too low. Now, however, they’re finding that low cholesterol has an adverse impact on the brain. It is linked to depression and anxiety, as well as an increased risk of stroke. Heck, it even leads to violence! A diet rich in cheeses should protect you from these problems.

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