Shirley you jest

When mentioning Laverne & Shirley in one of my posts the other day, I wondered about Penny Marshall, who had had a pretty substantial career as a movie director for a while, but whom I hadn’t seen a directing credit for recently (IMDB says nothing since 2001’s Riding in Cars with Boys.) Turns out she and her L&S co-stars are playing themselves in a new series for TV Land. (Ignore the reports claims that they haven’t worked together since Laverne & Shirley; they worked together on an L&S reunion show fairly recently, which had a new scene where the two of them competed on an action-packed game show. (Either that, or I’m totally imagining it; this special doesn’t show up on a quick internet search. Am I going nuts?)
Still, it’s interesting that Penny will play herself in a fiction context again, as we’ve seen before in Searching For Comedy In The Muslim World and Get Shorty.

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  1. I don’t recall any L&S reunion shows or the scene you mention (which isn’t the same as saying I never actually saw one), but I strongly suspect that this is the show/scene to which you are referring…

    Last episode: “Laverne & Shirley Together Again”

    A 1 hour reunion special with the stars of the show commenting about the show and the characters and episodes they did. They also did reprise their roles in a comedy reunion scene where they try being contestants for an island reality show.

    …So apparently it was just a sketch within the larger confines of a clip-laden cast reunion gab-fest.

  2. …Oh, and says the reunion show first aired tuesday, May 7, 2002.

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