Nat in the slow lane

I haven’t been posting that much lately, but expect it to be quiet for a few more days yet. My Mac Powerbook is dying…. some video RAM problem, and “repairing” that means replacing the entire brain of the machine, apparently. And because Mac went and changed their processor, upgrading to a new box would mean needing to upgrade much of my expensive software (one can run programs via emulation, but that’s rather slow and awkward for things like Photoshop.) Grrr.

And Veronica Mars returning with a lackluster and occasionally quite odd episode did not help. A “mystery” that seemed to exist just to make a political statement — well no, not one, but to weakly make every statement from every side, itseems — added to the next step toward what is sadly becoming the obvious season-closer cliffhanger (one which I think will be creatively harmful to the series), and some very unconvincing development on the romance storyline. Sigh. I want greatness from my Veronica Mars, folks, greatness!

Meanwhile, my body is still recovering from the excesses of my annual Cloris Leachman’s Birthday celebration on Monday. My wife got me some new exercise shirts for CL’s Bday, but they’re too heavy… I mean, I weighed out of the gym at 177-and-change on Monday morning in a normal t-shirt, and weighed in at 181 in one of these new shirts!

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