The Mars-less Chronicles

No comments from these quarters on last night’s Veronica Mars... because we don’t have a “last night’s Veronica Mars” in the L.A. area. Those Hollywood fires you may have seen mentioned in the paper? That’s what was broadcast instead. With luck, they’ll just run it on Saturday — although one advantage of the single-episode storylines is that it’s not such a problem to miss one.

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  1. This zap2it piece has a good recap of this past week’s Veronica ep to let you know what you missed and set up the two-hour finale.

  2. I meant to post again earlier… we ended up going to The CWs website. The streaming version was much better than shows I’ce streamed elsewhere in the past, although they did have some bugs that proved frustrating. (If we went into large-video mode, when we hit the rare ad-break, the ad would never load and all would basically hang. Took us quite a bit of fiddling to get around it all. But really, only two ads. Much to be said for it.

    Hollywood Reporter is saying the show is history, though. But it brought us two great seasons (and one other) before going. Now I just have to find something else for Sky McCloud to watch…

  3. eonline is reporting this morning that the decision to cancel VM may not be a foregone conclusion yet, that it may be back as a midseason replacement…

    “As reported yesterday, thanks to VM boss Rob Thomas, the decision has not yet been made regarding Veronica‘s fate, and the show could return for midseason. Meanwhile, Veronica herself, Kristen Bell, may end up a part of Gossip Girl.”

  4. Veronica’s demise is now official.

    I now appear to have no reason whatsoever to even have the CW programmed into my TVs’ channel memories (Smallville and Supernatural just never caught my fancy despite being somewhat in my viewing ballpark stylistically). Reaper sounded interesting until I saw that it’s listed as a comedy at zap2it. It still could be good, I suppose, but I usually prefer such concepts to be played straight with just hints of humor here and there a la Joss Whedon-type series.

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