NBCeason coming up

Well, NBC has announced its schedule for next year. No Studio 60, which is about as far from a surprise as you can get. Usually, I don’t wish for something to be scheduled… but the thought that Aaron Sorkin would be freed up to try again. While the flaws in the so-wanted-to-like-it Studio 60 have been much discussed here in and elsewhere, Sorkin is 2 for 3 in terms of creating greatness. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to wait so long for the next one.
Crossing Jordan is gone. Doesn’t impact me, but it makes me wonder whether they might still pull CJ characters into Las Vegas (a one-time guilty pleasure which lost its pleasurable status); they always integrated the characters a mite more than your typical crossover. But then, the makers of Las Vegas are tightening their belts, and when you have characters from another series you actually have to pay for them. While CJ may be gone, there could still be some audience to exploit.
The 25 episode season of The Office (5 of them double-length) and the 8 planned episodes of a Heroes b-team series to fill in the gaps are clearly aggressive attempts to work around the declining audiences for network reruns and the problems with bringing the audience back. This may be the way things are headed in general… which is actually a regression. Seasons used to be much longer, 30-some episdes.

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  1. Variety is reporting that Veronica Mars is likely to be cancelled. CW fall schedule to be announced tomorrow, so we’ll see. Not really a surprise to me.

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