Goodbye Girls

We’re now back from our trip to the Bay Area, our thrills of getting away from the familiar, and enjoying a long weekend of the comfort of the familiar. I’ve been catching up on the season finales of various shows. SPOILER WARNING on the various finales.

  • The big one is the series finale of Veronica Mars… only in some ways, it wasn’t so big a one. The season finales of the previous two seasons of the show were quite strong, but with the lack of a season-long storyline, there really wasn’t much to climax here. In most ways, it was a building episode, but what it was building to was a next season that won’t exist, and not even what sounded like the most likely version of next season (as there was strong consideration for jumping the show several years ahead.) However, I was glad to see that they didn’t with the cliffhanger that they had seemed to be building to – Veronica cradling the bullet-riddled corpse of her dad. They’d made several references in recent weeks to Keith getting shot or dying, and had been building up his enemy list. And from a financial standpoint, he was the one regular who was recognizable to most folks at the start of the series, and getting rid of him would likely mean a real financial savings for the show. It would also have meant gutting the show of its best relationship, however.
    This isn’t to say that there weren’t some good things to have in the episode. It was nice to see the return of the Kane family into the picture (although the use of the painting of Lily as a way to tell us what was going on was weak, because the picture didn’t look that much like Lily. We basically had to guess who it was supposed to be based on Veronica having a strong reaction to it, and on the fact that it had odd eyes… but not the sort of odd eyes which Lily actually had.
    Still, I won’t mourn the loss of this show the way I would have if it was canceled after season two. This season was not nearly so compelling. The show has done the great things it needed to do.
  • Gilmore Girls went out the way that it has been of late – not compelling, but still pleasant to spend time with. No great revelations in the final episodes, just people moving on to where they should move on to.
  • Desperate Housewives gave us a closer with some upbeat, some downbeat, definitely moving stories forward… and suggesting the possibility of having a new narrator for season four.
    This show could really use some direction next season, pulling the characters together through something. At this point, it’s a bunch of little storylines, not one of which carries much weight.

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