A lot is missing

While I don’t watch most of what passes for reality television, I don’t hold a strong line against talent competitions. Oh, I’ve never watched an episode of American Idol, but I did follow Rock Star. And so this week I sampled On The Lot, which is a film-making competition. On Monday’s two-hour long show, they showed the 18 one-minute movies that the contestants had made during the preceding week, plus had several minutes each of the judges discussing the films. Not the tightest two hours by any means, but watchable.
Last night was the results show, which we watched off of DVR tonight. Now, for things like Rock Star or (I presume) American Idol, the results show has plenty of opportunity for the singers to show off their talent. But no one expects the film makers to have made a new film since the night before. As such, the results show is merely announcing who got the three highest vote count, rerunning their films, and listing who got the three lowest vote counts and are thus kicked off the show. There’s a grand total of 5 minutes of legitimate content (although three of those minutes are rerun from the night before)… and the stretch it out to an hour. It’s painful, and I was quickly hitting the DVR remote to skip almost all of it. In fact, it’s completely pointless to watch as viewer, since if you turn into the next main episode, I’m sure they will state again who got voted off the show.

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