57 varietys of ketchup

Just a quick post to let me cover a few points that I’ve not addressed during my busy days and thus close a few open windows:

  • Army Wives, a female-centric military base drama on Lifetime, is at least watchable, some of the storylines more involving than others. It does draw in some of the problematic cliches of drama — that in order to create drama, one has to show the exception as the rule. The surrogate mom agonizing over giving away her babies in here is a key example of that, and doing that can risk mispainting the general field. I’d say it was the best estrogen-packed military drama since China Beach, but I’m not sure it isn’t the only one.
  • I think the story that the military was looking at developing a sodombomb is hilarious! Yes, yes, the government wants to discourage homosexuality except when it’s convenient. A girlfriend once told me that if porn teaches us anything, it’s that all women are just one bad break-up and two beers away from being lesbians. I guess all guys gotta do is get bombed. (They may not have ultimately found a military market for this technology, but I do know a couple guys who might like to buy it in spraycan form…)
  • Saw the movie Once (and yes, I saw the movie once.) It’s a romantic film with humor, and yet it’s not the meet-cute puzzle movie that we have come to know as a romantic comedy. Recommended on the basis of its humanity. It’s a musical in a practical way, and it relies on music that is not quite as amazing as the filmmakers would have us believe, but it’s all quite pleasant.
  • Saw the movie Surf’s Up, we has the curse of coming after Happy Feet, the other CGI penguin flick. And it has the curse that Happy Feet had possibly the greatest trailers in the history of film, but proved to be a pretty weak movie; Surf’s Up had weak trailers, and proves to be an enjoyable (if predictable) film. However, it’s quite talky – which is fine for me, I like talky, but little kids are probably more likely to like Happy Feet.
  • Saw a trailer for a new documentary on polar creatures from the makers of March of the Penguins. If the trailer is anything to go by, it’ll disappoint some large base of March fans on a purely political level – it talks about how global warming is causing a problem for these creatures. March had a strong following among certain parts of the cultural right, who saw it as an endorsement of their “family values” beliefs.
  • I’ve kept watching Traveler, mainly because there was a little bit of Neal McDonough in episode 2. And there keeps being little bits of him, not enough to make it worthwhile. The show is all danger and mystery, and no real development… and there’s not much hope of it surviving long enough for there to be real revelation.
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