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Some more windows I meant to close:

  • Boston Legal is dumping or reducing the involvement of some of their storyline characters to bring on more wild, over-the-top, interesting-in-the-courtroom folks. Christian Clemmons’s twitchy lawyer will be a regular, as Gary Anthony Williams’s crossdressing lawyer already is (having pulled one of those “suddenly, I’m a lawyer” moves that we saw Lucy Liu pull on Ally McBeal when David E. Kelley decided that she was interesting enough that she should be kept around), and now John Laroquette will be added as well (not playing the killer that he already has played in the Kelleyverse). As much as I might feel this is an awkward move in theory, the truth is that they weren’t doing anything actually interesting with those characters anyway. The biggest loss would be Rene Aberjonois, who was always sitting there waiting to be used in some interesting way, but never was. (Let me also note that the use of Laroquette continues the show’s use of actors with a Star Trek history.)
  • Reports various places indicate that Veronica Mars will likely be continuing, in comic book form from DC. Creator Rob Thomas is likely to be involved in a season four comic book. The big hit that Buffy Season 8 has been really supports this sort of work. Frankly, I was actually considering going after the VM season 4 rights, if none of the bigger boys had picked them up. It can be done well, although it’s hard to transfer the degree of dramatic significance from a TV show to a comic (note: I am not saying it is hard for comics to have dramatic significance, merely that it’s hard to capture the style of it presented on an effective TV show.) And there are some practical problems with doing mysteries in comics form. But I think this series could be done well. I know I’ll be reading!
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