When time is not kind

Some of the things we once enjoyed simply don’t hold up in the long run. As we get older, we see more things and discover that what we once enjoyed was sloppy, not that well constructed, and that in our earlier years we were more willing to wade through the dross to get to what sometimes turns out to be chaff. Some of it is well-crafted but reflects a style or attitude that no longer hits our appropriate nerves.
And some of it, it’s not so much time as events that have not been kind. For example, a few weeks back I was driving with Sally, a younger gal whom I enjoy sometimes introducing to good movies, songs, and the like that she would not have experienced. She’s got a good ability to be enthusiastic. (In fact, where we were driving to was the live stage version of What’s My Line?, because I thought she’d like that.) And looking to introduce her to something else, I slipped into the car’s CD player my copy of comic folk singer Christine Lavin’s 1993 release Live at the Cactus Cafe: What Was I Thinking?. And some of it holds up quite nicely. But I hadn’t realized just how long it had been since I’d listened to the album. I suppose I must’ve listened to it sometime after Princess Di’s death, so the song ripping into her for taking the prince off of the market would’ve already felt both dated and inappropriate… but the other song, the one that had people jumping out of the top of a burning skyscraper to avoid the flames, splattering to death on the sidewalk? Somehow, that imagery lost its comedic impact about six years ago, and isn’t apt to come back any time soon. It cast a pall over the entire album.
A shame. But you can’t create work with that in mind.

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