The Alpha of Greek

I caught the pilot of Greek, a teen drama set among the college frat and sorority scene, slated for ABC Family but given an airing on ABC proper. And hey, if they were willing to give it the chance, so was I.
Now, I’ve never experienced the greek scene. Can’t say I know much about it. But having seen this pilot, I’m not left feeling that the folks behind this know much either. The greek scene here seems based on every film parody, every cartoonish simplification that we’ve seen. There’s one sorority involved – all snobbish ultra-pretty girls. And there’s two frats – the ultra-prep snob boys, and the wild frat that is like some sort of house of animals. The central character is an awkward freshman whose sister is in the sorority, and he gets to choose between the two frats. By the end of the first episode, we’ve had sex, we’ve had violence, we’ve had cheating and hidden homosexuality and nothing that feels particularly real.
It will probably find an audience among the teen girls that ABC Family apparently targets, but nothing much beyond that general One Tree Hill crowd. Not that I was expecting much more, but with teen-oriented dramas like My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks showing that more nuanced and interesting treatment of teens is possible, I can’t help but think that something better can be done and still capture the teens. (Yeah, yeah, I know, both shows flopped… but MSCL got a real audience after it was cancelled. And if there isn’t someone now pushing F&G collections or reruns on the basis of the current success of Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, then folks are leaving money on the table.

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