State of Mind

Lifetime having a big hit with Army Wives gives them a lot of opportunity. It also would seem to raise the requirements for any show on the network. I can’t help but recall how the success of The Simpsons seemed to be quickly followed by a lot of Fox’s line-up getting the ax; once they knew that higher ratings were possible, the ratings that had been good enough apparently no longer were good enough.
State of Mind is certainly a respectable attempt. Lili Taylor is a therapist, sharing a professional building with other folks including her husband, when that relationship awry. Points for handling the break-up not as the shrill conflict of cheap drama but as two people who realize from events that they just don’t need in each other. That’s a real people moment, not sitcom people. And the thing that made me smile more than that was that they’ve got Devon Gummersall in the cast. I’ve got a weakness for anyone connected to My So-Called Life, and Devon has a charm and presence that will work as the obvious potential future romantic interest for our newly-freed hero.
But at least in the pilot, the characters, their interactions and situations, they aren’t that interesting. The two main therapy problems being faced both boil down to being solved by being told to care more. If that’s going to be the standard preach for the piece, that’d get old fast.
Respectable. Probably’ll check out a couple more because it’s summer, and because it’s Gummersall. But no “wow!” here.

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  1. I love Lili Taylor, but I still don’t know if I want to watch a second episode. The child therapist character, who was willing to recklessly play into the fears of others that he might actually be a child molester, was so painfully stupid and unrealistic that it soured me on the whole show. I’ll try a second helping, but if this character continues in the same vein, I think I’m out.

    Have you tried Mad Men yet, or tonight’s surprisingly excellent Spike TV debut, The Kill Point?

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