Craving Grace

Look, I’m not sure if the opening scene of the new TNT drama series Saving Grace with a naked, man-riding Holly Hunter is actually her or a well-picked body-double. I’m not even positive that a careful frame-by-frame will find actual that’s-gotta-break-the-law images, although I suspect so. All I know is… Holly Hunter’s drunken, libidinous, nekkid Grace can stop by for a visit anytime. Not that’s she’s likely to.

Anyway, the character is good. The central concept, though, sounds like a better sitcom (she’s a drunken slutty cop, he’s an angel here to save her soul, will she ever learn to deal with him) than drama. Will it end up being a slowly-told Saved By An Angel/Highway to Heaven episode? Or will there be something with a bit more dramatic meat on it? To soon to tell just by watching it, and I haven’t done my research and don’t know if this is meant to be a sell-the-public-on-angels-and-goodness series, or something built around the dramatic conflict (although I fear there are signs of the former.) But still, Hunter is very watchable, and I don’t just mean when she’s without clothes. This is a high-energy part, a bit of a contrast to some of the quiet roles she’s had in the past, and she really carries it. She’s the reason to watch this, and I’ll be doing at least one more episode.
And for those who keep track of Nat’s history of admitted lusts, the series does also have Laura San Giacomo, who is admittedly past her peak as my lust object, but if she wants to stop by when nekkid Holly comes to visit, fine by me.
(Yes, every once in a while I like to do a post where I admit to the fleshy weaknesses. Mainly because it surprises a few people who for some reason think me more pristine than that. I don’t know why.)

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