Unfair criticism

There has been a lot of criticism leveled at the now-defunct Studio 60, most of it earned. A lot had to do with how unrealistic its portrayal of the backstage-at-SNL antics was, and most of that criticism was earned (especially since a more realistic take would actually have had better opportunities for drama). But one commenter I read recently – and at the moment I cannot recall who it was – thought that the ultimate proof of the failure was that one of the characters was making a Juliette Lewis impersonation her big thing, as if JL was a current big thing. I’ve seen this criticism elsewhere. And all I gotta say is… have these people really paid attention to Saturday Night Live?
Whether you’re going back to Billy Crystal doing Joe Franklin and Fernando Lamas, or you zoom up to Jimmy Fallon doing Barry Gibb, whose career peaked when Fallon was about three, it’s never been a matter of how current or ultra-hot the person being satirized — it’s how funny they can make the character.
I’ll bet many of those guys wearing More Cowbell t-shirts couldn’t have told you who Blue Oyster Cult was before Will Ferrell feigned being a member.

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