Intro to the meatloaf log

So the missuz, Dr. Lara Gertler, suggests that I keep a meatloaf log.
Lemme ‘splain. I cook the dinners ’round here. Mostly, they’re pretty simple. Chicken on the Foreman grill. Fish on the Foreman grill. Frozen vegan blintzes, microwaved. Sometimes I create a simple recipe — “lavash thingies” are scrambled egg (generally, actually egg substitute), Velveeta (or generic equivalent) and fat-free refried beans, wrapped in a lavash (either burrito-style or sliced lavashes, taquito-style) and grilled on the Foreman. “Flatbread thingies” are Foreman-grilled chicken, shredded cheese, and a sweet salsa (strawberry, if available) wrapped in a flatbread and thrown back on the Foreman.
And then there’s the meatloaf. That’s when I get relatively fancy, in a lazy way. The base of the meatloaf is the cheapest possible mallable meat — those tubes of mechanically-separated turkey from the freezer section. Two of ’em. And then, added to that, is whatever’s around that strikes my fancy at the moment. Each one is an experiment, although I tend to repeat elements that work. Leftover rice is big. Raisin bran — the bran adds bulk to the meat, the raisins actually make nice sweet surprise. Frozen sweet corn. Usually some form of seasoning – unused packets of taco seasoning (from when it’s cheaper to buy a taco kit than just taco shells… we use a vegan taco mix, so we don’t need to add seasoning) are common. Usually some sauce (most often spaghetti, because the missuz proved not so fond of teriyaki) at the top. I’m sure the real food fans who read this are flinching, but it sometimes turns out quite good, and generally is a fun experiment for a cooking incompetent like me.
But I have nothing but vague mental records of what I’ve used and how well it’s worked. So that’s the goal.

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