The one with the carrot salad

Meatloaf log, August 12, 2007 (transcribed the night after).
Two tubes of turkey
A full load of rice, made the night before for a dinner that turned out not to need it, because we ended up getting the rotisserie chicken deal that comes with french bread and two packaged salads.
Carrot raisin salad, because it had come with the chicken and I was the only one willing to eat it the night before. Shredded carrots, raisins, and some bits of pineapple, soaked in a vinegary dressing.
Powdered seasoning for white chili chicken – which we actually used once and was pretty good. I really should have kept this to use again in that way.
A small amount of bread crumbs (to empty out a nearly-empty canister of Italian bread crumbs.)
Classico tomato & basil spaghetti sauce on top.
One large egg.

Result: medium quality. Quite edible, not a “wow”. Could’ve used a little less rice, but more importantly, a some cereal or bread matter to film it up just a little more. Not a little problem (it wasn’t sloppy, and actually it was nicely moist without being drippy), just would’ve improved the texture a bit. And I wish that there’d been more pineapple in the carrot salad; that may sound odd, but the little sweet bits of things like that or raisins that pop up in the meat actually work surprisingly nicely.
This one stands up pretty well as second-day cold meatloaf.

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