Okay, so I don’t get Showtime, but I’ve watched a preview of their new dramedy Californication via Netflix. Except by the time that I got around to watching it, it wasn’t actually a preview, merely a view. Such is life.
It’s about a fiction writer in the L.A. area, and I gotta admit, they nailed it. They nailed the way that our biggest problem is that someone turned our work into a big-budget movie that we don’t particularly like. And that when we have writer’s block, a stream of sexy women want to use us in wonderfully sordid ways. Absolutely on the nose. Ach, our suffering.
Yes, yes, this falls into the general case of writers taking the call to write what you know way too literally. Some fiction about writers would be legit… but writers are overrepresented in fiction because fiction is disproportionately written by writers. And this is a case where the work is over-worshipful of writing and writers.
I’m not sure how I feel about this show. It kept my attention. It’s got nekkid gals. And Evan Handler. And nekkid gals. (Evan needs some buffering.) And people who act at least reasonably intelligent, and that’s kind of nice. I’m not sure I get the full shape of it from one half-hour episode. And I’m not going “oh, dear, I don’t have Showtime, and will suffer greatly if I do not see the next”, the way Showtime would like me to. But if the next episode were on, I’d likely watch it. Guess that counts as a middlin’ review.
And for those who read my earlier discussion of the Pacific Coast Highway, there’s a short but illustrative example of the road in this episode, when the lead (David Duchovny, I suppose I should have mentioned that in the review) peels away from the angered husband of a woman he just boinked. A curving road, the inside of the curve with a steep cliff that obscures oncoming cars, cars peeling right off into the highway. Yeah, accidents happen there.

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