The gateway goes away

So far, the comics blogoverse has been absolutely silent about the cancellation of Disney Adventures – a magazine with a circulation of over a million, getting more pages of comics into kids hands each month than any other title being published. This was one of our mainstream outreach books, included some great work over the years, and is disappearing unnoticed.
(And where will Matt Feazell’s Dizzy Adventures go?!?)

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  1. I stopped buying Disney Adventures for son because it was shamefully nothing but advertising for their shows and movies. The company killed their own mag.

  2. Except it wasn’t lack of customers that killed the book… dang thing had a circulation of over a million. Ad sales were always problematic, though

  3. I read so many issues of that when I was a kid. I finally gave up on it when I got the impression it had been shifted from kind of a kiddie National Geographic into a kiddie People. But I guess I was also getting past the target age when that happened, too.

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