When I first saw an add for Anchorwoman, I thought it was a sitcom. It seemed like something that might have been intended for Pamela Anderson, a busty model takes a job as anchor of a newscast. And the fact that it was scheduled for August and an hour-long slot made me assume that it was a show whose short run was being dumped and would never be seen again.
Before it aired, I had already learned it was a reality show, but since I already had set the recording, I recorded it and watched it soon after it aired. The basic conflict was clearly supposed to be between the Serious Journalists and the uneducated bit of eye-candy in the newsroom. Thing is, that’s not that interesting a conflict; yes, journalists will have some resentment, except they were clearly in the middle of what was meant to be a stunt, so it’s hard to take the resentment seriously. So it’s about laughing at someone doing a job that they weren’t quite comeptent at, but given the state of modern TV reporting, its hard to find that to be majorly different from what goes on every day. At best, it showed what being a local journalist is like, and that’s none too fascinating.
The show seem structured as a half hour show. Fox aired an hour of it, and then gave it the axe, relegating the remaining episodes to the web. Can’t say I’ll bother streaming them.

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